Gene Cloning

Gene Cloning

Students in BMCB 754 isolating genomic DNA from the plant Arabidopsis in preparation for gene cloning.

Research on protein p53 and its role in the development of cancer

Research on protein p53 and its role in the development of cancer

Caelie Kern '16, a Neuroscience and Behavior major, is currently assisting Professor Chuck Walker with his research on the protein p53’s role in the development of cancer.  Learn more >>>

examines blood samples from patients to determine the percent of the clinical population that exhibits p53 cytoplasmic sequestration. - See more at:

Pre-Med, with Feeling

Pre-Med, with Feeling

Senior Ben Claxton purues his passion in the lab, the ambulance and Africa.  Learn more...

Hands-on experience

Hands-on experience

Hands-on experience and development of skills in experimental design and standard-operating laboratory procedures give BMCB graduates a decided advantage in the job market.

Cell Culture Techniques

Cell Culture Techniques

Opportunities for students to learn advanced methods of cell culture are part of the BMCB curriculum.

What’s great about the UNH Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology Program?

  • Rigorous, yet popular courses in cutting-edge areas of molecular life sciences.
  • Emphasis on hands-on learning in molecular biology, protein chemistry, microscopy, and cell culture.
  • Outstanding preparation for careers in research, health professions, academia, and the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry.
  • Extensive opportunities to conduct undergraduate research with highly-respected faculty and their research collaborators around the world.

Meet an Alum

Matthew "Joel" Cotton (BCMB '13)

"....I could not imagine myself majoring in anything else. "

Sean Isaacs (BIOCHEM '12)

"...the biochemistry program is really strong..."

Christina Loporcaro (BIOCHEM '12)

"Make the best of today.”

Dan Jaffurs ('89)

"UNH was a turning point for me...The professors actively teach, the staff is approachable, the tuition is affordable, and the campus is gorgeous."

Lane Brown (BIOCHEM '85)

"From UNH, you can go anywhere."

Ben Claxton (BMCB '14)

"...UNH is the perfect size."

Michael Lim (BIOCHEM '95)

"The professors here truly care about the welfare and education experience of their students."

Brenton Paolella (MCDB '06)

"UNH provides an exceptional diversity in educational experiences."